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The Project

 Trailer presentato al Parlamento Europeo nel Febbraio 2014.

Emergency Exit is a documentary project about Italy and the consequences of the last 20 years of politics on the young generation: a lot of young italian leave their country every year, more than 90% of them are graduated and professionally skilled. They move away because of a lot of reason, but nobody in Italy seems to have the desire to listen or care for them.

So I decided to start a trip: I traveled around six (and more) European countries, from Paris to London, Berlin, Wien, Bergen and Tenerife, finding young italians who left Italy, looking for better opportunities of life and career.

Six stories of ordinary separation, one question: what happened to Italy?

Emergency Exit ‘Young Italians Abroad’ is a film by Brunella Filì.

The film is now work in progress. To be released on 2013.

This is the first version of the promo: